I am a computational mineral physicist interested in the functioning of planetary interiors.

I have a background in Geology and Materials Science. After undergraduate studies at the Univ. of Bucarest where I worked on crystal morphology, I pursued with a PhD degree working on the physical properties of modulated crystals at the Catholic Univ. of Louvain. My activity in high-pressure mineral physics took off at the Univ of Minnesota and continued during two fellowships (Carnegie Fellowship at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Humboldt Fellowship at the Univ. of Bayreuth). Over the years I have worked on all the major minerals and phases of the deep Earth, on water ice and other molecular crystals, and on a series of technological materials.

Nowadays my research spans a wide range of interests in planetary mineralogy, going from the supercritical state that dominated the early stages of the condensation of the protolunar disk all the way to the deep interior of the Earth and super-Earths, passing through planetary surfaces and mineral identification based on vibrational spectroscopy.

Giant Impacts
Deep Interiors

Planetary surfaces
Smart materials


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another short stay @CEEDOslo - between rain and midnight sunshine, wrapping up the library for analyzing #AbInitioMolecularDynamics @ERC_Research @ENSdeLyon #moonimpact #GiantImpact

Presenting the latest scientific news about the Giant Impact #moonimapct at the @RomanianAcademy


@ENSdeLyon @INSU_CNRS @ENSdeLyon @obslyon @CEEDOslo

This is the last day of the great @JpGU 2019 meeting. I am about to present my work with @r_caracas on Super-Earth iron-nickel cores. Come listen to me! @MSCActions @ENSdeLyon @LGLTPE @obslyon @Mariecurie_alum

new postdoctoral opening "Behavior of volatiles during the #Giant #Impact from ab initio molecular dynamics" #moonimpact.

Apply at: https://t.co/vL3WcRsGVx

@INSU_CNRS @obslyon @deepcarb @ERC_Research

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