I am a computational mineral physicist interested in the functioning of planetary interiors.

I have a background in Geology and in Materials Science. After undergraduate studies at the Univ. of Bucharest where I worked on crystal morphology, I pursued with a PhD degree working on the physical properties of modulated crystals at the Catholic Univ. of Louvain. My activity in high-pressure mineral physics took off at the University of Minnesota and continued during two fellowships (Carnegie Fellowship at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Humboldt Fellowship at the Univ. of Bayreuth). Over the years I have worked on all the major minerals and phases of the deep Earth, on water ice and other molecular crystals, and on a series of technological materials.

Nowadays my research spans a wide range of interests in planetary mineralogy, going from the supercritical state that dominated the early stages of the condensation of the protolunar disk all the way to the deep interior of the Earth and super-Earths, passing through planetary surfaces and mineral identification based on vibrational spectroscopy.

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@mjv5004: Opening permanent computational scientist position, to support development of #Abinit & Multibinit (2nd principles). Looking for exceptional #physicist/#chemist skilled in #programming #electronicstructure Please RT! Deadline Mar 18 @UniversiteLiege https://t.co/ofZbISgjyq
for the #bubble season: CO2-based bubbles start to form at much higher pressures (deeper in the earth) than H2O bubbles. https://t.co/qkb94JVb2t @ERC_Research @CORDIS_EU @INSU_CNRS @CEEDOslo
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@ESA_Webb: .@ariane5 main stage separated ✅

#WebbFliesAriane #Webb #JWST #VA256 https://t.co/dW0iuBNzeA
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@esascience: We're starting to feel very festive, and it seems that #Saturn's moons may feel the same 🎄🪐

@CassiniSaturn captured Dione and Rhea coming together to form a #space #snowman ⛄️ back in 2010 – a great example of confusing cosmic perspective 👀🤔

📷 👉 https://t.co/crlxRfNqTc https://t.co/vlX8JSV6oo
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@AcadSciences: 🏅DISTINCTION | La Grande Médaille, la récompense la plus prestigieuse de l’Académie des sciences, vient d’être décernée à la biochimiste Katalin Karikó pour ses recherches pionnières ayant permis la mise au point des #vaccins à #ARN messager.
➡️https://t.co/5SHqmo0By2 https://t.co/fErqA9QNiQ
The actual physical move to @IPGP_officiel has started! There are a few openings at the master, PhD, and postdoc level in the new group. Don’t hesitate to spread the word!@INSU_CNRS @AGU_MRP @SEDI_AGU @ERC_Research @CORDIS_EU https://t.co/yySn1uQlzo
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@IPGP_officiel: 🗓️#SaveTheDate, mardi 16 novembre 18h30, #conférence grand public à @IPGP_officiel "Le #magnétisme terrestre🧭, invisible mais omniprésent !" par France Lagroix (@Lagroix5), 1er rendez-vous d'un cycle exceptionnel de 9 conférences pour notre centenaire ! ➡️https://t.co/PieZtWfusO https://t.co/ftLtdyEau2
Field trip to the ancient silver mines of Lavrion, with the oldest theater ever built, UMD school of Athens @ERC_Research @CORDIS_EU @IPGP_officiel @CEEDOslo https://t.co/ftQFoxefJh
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@ERC_Research: “The challenge is to try to get everyone to see that Europe needs to put more money into basic research”, says Maria Leptin @mleptin just ahead of taking the helm of the European Research Council.👇 https://t.co/w2FlQun2Zz https://t.co/liBtM3e225
Postdoctoral opening @CEEDOslo @UniOslo on the @forskningsradet project HIDDEN to study noble gases partitioning from #abinitio molecular dynamics and thermodynamic integration or #machinelearning Apply at: https://t.co/X7rItAo4Ee Please spread the word! @MinSocAm @APSphysics https://t.co/B4S9yooiH2
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@INSU_CNRS: #RésultatScientifique
L’#atmosphère primitive terrestre🌏 a longtemps été riche en #CO2 et pauvre en #eau💧
➡️ https://t.co/cW5LKd61Rv https://t.co/SkRCsvqeBN
Amazing folds formed by extension in #Ordovician shales and nodular limestones in the Oslo basin @INSU_CNRS @CEEDOslo https://t.co/BioAuehpM3
For the IMA 2022 meeting in Lyon, France it is time to submit a session get involved keep #mineralogy active!
We plan to have large participation from all over the world @MinSocAm @soc_min_pet @MinSoc_UK @MineralCup @EspanolaSem @EurJMineral @INSU_CNRS https://t.co/KolKPTZp7y
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