2025 “The Earth before the Great Oxydation Event” – Organizer
Bucharest, Romania

2024 “MATHS: Macroscopic, Atomistic, and THermodynamic models of mineralS and meltS” – Co-organizer, school
Thessaloniki, Greece.

2024 “Earth and Planets Origin and Evolution Workshop” – Co-organizer
Paris, France,

2023 “UMD: Melts and Fluids from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations” – Organizer, school
School at the International Union of Crystallography Meeting, Melbourne, Australia

2022 President of the 23rd General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association 2022, Lyon, France, 475 participants

2021 “Empirical and ab initio thermodynamic models of minerals and melts” – Co-organizer, school
Athens, Greece, about 40 students

2020 “WURM Raman school” – Organizer
Lyon, France, 40 students

2018 “Thermodynamic and ab initio modeling of natural fluids and melts” – international school; Co-organizer; Milos, Greece

2017 “Ab initio tools for hypothesis testing” – Co-organizer;
Compres 2017, pre-meeting workshop/school, Tamaya Resort, New Mexico, USA, 25 participants

2017 “ABIDEV 2017: The 8th ABINIT developers workshop” – Co-organizer; Fréjus, France, 40 participants

2016 “Thermodynamic and ab initio modeling of natural fluids and melts” – CECAM international school; Co-organizer; Lausanne, Switzerland

2015 “Carbon at extreme conditions” – CECAM meeting, Main PI, Lugano, Switerland

2014 “WURM Raman school” – CNRS school, Director, Lyon, 30 students

2014 “Dynamical, dielectric and magnetic properties of solids with ABINIT “ – CECAM international school; Director, Lyon, France; 28 students

2012 “Response treatment for the dynamical properties of materials with the ABINIT package” – CECAM international school; Co-organizer; Zürich, Switzerland; 40 students

2011 “Dynamical Properties of Earth and Planetary Materials” – CECAM international workshop; Director; Lausanne, Switzerland; 30 participants

2010 “Linear and non-linear responses of solids with the ABINIT software: phonons, electric fields, and other perturbations” – CECAM international school; Co-organizer; Lausanne, Switzerland; 40 students

2008 “The Science of Solar System Ices (ScSSI): A Cross-Disciplinary Workshop”; Member of the International Organizing Committee; 80 participants; Oxnard, California.

2005 – Main- or co-organizer of a large number of special sessions in international conferences

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