Moon Impact Exhibition

Realisation: Razvan Caracas – curator, Lena Martin – museographer, and the IMPACT team: Anais Kobsch (PhD student), Natalia Solomatova (postdoctoral researcher), Renata Schaan (PhD student), Tim Boegels (PhD student), Mandy Bethkenhagen (postdoctoral researcher), Zhi Li (PhD student)

The exhibition “Moon Impact, a geological story” tells the story of the Giant impact and the Moon formation in the context of the geological evolution of the Earth and of the solar system. The time flows inside the exhibition, starting with the formation of the solar system and ending with the present day. However time is not linear and different moments of the history of our planet that last considerably different amounts of time might have equal space inside the exhibition, thus reflecting their importance. Apart from natural geological samples and meteorites, the exhibition features large-scale posters, translucent 3D window prints, movies and 3D printed models of the atoms in melts and volcanic gas bubbles stemming from atomistic simulations, and much more.

Find all the info, the news, and the itinerancy at its dedicated website:

Scientific committee:
* Dr. Mirel Barlan, Astronomer at the Observatory of Paris, France
* Prof. Carmen Gaina, Director of the Center for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, (CEED), University of Oslo, Norway, member of the European Academy
* Dr. Mioara Mandea, Programme Manager for the Solid Earth Observation of the French Spatial Agency, CNES, France, member of the European Academy
* Prof. Sarah T. Stewart, Professor at the University of California Davis, USA
* Prof. Stephanie Werner, Professor at the University of Oslo, Norway, member of the Norwegian Academy

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